GE Repairs and Automation have this week been granted access to the first in a line of ‘next generation’ garage door automation units from market leaders Sommer UK. We were contacted by T.Liebenberg and were more than happy to take up the chance to install the first unit in the country and report on its progress over the coming weeks.First impressions were good,the unit has been given a sleeker look with upgraded handsets which I think are the nicest on the market and will without doubt impress potential customers.Bi-directional technology and some great options such as  ‘senso’ which allows air humidity in the garage to be recorded and the door to auto open a few inches if the set limit is reached. ‘Somlink’ will allow all units to be manually set and adjusted via smartphone or tablet. Please visit our blog again in a few weeks to check on our progress and read more about this exciting product.


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